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Programmable Remote Control

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The Ultimate All in One Remote for All Your Devices

SRC-4513 is a programmable remote control that provides a convenient way to control your devices. It is a great option for people who have a set-top box or other media players! Use this slim and lightweight universal TV remote for all of your devices. It is 100% compatible with IPTV boxes provided by Infomir.

Great Design at a Low Price

Unlike some proprietary TV remotes, SRC-4513 has a top-notch design. It is extremely convenient! You will never press the wrong button again and it is a true joy to use. The remote has large intuitive buttons that feel great. At the same time, the remote itself is very slim. It looks stylish and weighs less than 60 grams! We are sure that you will enjoy using this beautiful remote.

Incredible Learning Features

This is a high-quality learning remote controller. This means that it can receive and store codes transmitted by any other remote. The universal remote controller can then transmit those codes to control the devices that understand them. For example, if you have a Blu-Ray player with a preprogrammed remote, you will be able to teach your SRC-4513 the same commands and then use it to control the Blu-Ray player.

Supports Most Television Sets and Set-Top Boxes

This remote controller can be used with pretty much any television set, media player, set-top box, air conditioner, sound system, and other devices. Thanks to its learning capabilities, it can pick up the signals of your other remotes and remember them. There is no need to input the commands manually — SRC-4513 picks up and stores the signals another remote sends out.

Very Easy to Use and Setup

Even a child could set up the programmable TV remote. SRC-4513 is extremely easy to operate! You need only to insert some AAA batteries in order to use it. The remote is suitable for most television sets straight out of the box. However, you can program it to fit any device! The package includes a detailed novice-friendly user manual. You will not have any problems programming this RC!

Purchase this Awesome Controller Right Now!

Order right away if you are tired of using so many different remote controllers for your devices! Instead, just use a single RC to manage all of your devices. Thanks to its learning features, it can clone the IR data of any other remote, which makes it usable for most devices that can be controlled remotely. This infra-red remote controller only needs two AAA batteries that will last up to 2 years of normal usage.

Model: SRC-4513

The main purpose of the RC SRC-4513 is to provide a device which allows the user to

operate STBs employed by Infomir. Furthermore, the RCU will also control the most basic

TV functions, by cloning the IR data of the original TV remote.



Length/Width/Thickness, (mm)


Weight, g


Case material

ABS plastic


Operation Voltage DC


Carrier Frequency (RF)


Standby current

10uA max

Operation current

20 mA max

Distance and angle

Min 10m at straight line

Min 3m at degree conical


Keys Operating force

200±50 gf

Key stroke


Keys Operating life

200,000 times under


Battery lid Opening Life

Pull out and insert battery

cover 3 times per minute for

more than 100 times

Drop Test Height

80 cm



Number of keys

45 keys

Battery type

2 ­ 7#UM-4/AAA (not included)

Battery Life (normal usage)

2 years


No moving parts inside the RC


Operation temperature


Storage temperature




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