Anti Piracy Statement


1. Infomir learned about the fact of illegal interactive TV services provided to users by:







The MAG Set-Top Boxes appear to be involved in using content without the rightholder’s consent. Governed by the current legislation, Infomir warns the OTT service providers that illegal content distribution and usage is prosecuted under copyright law.

All service, support and sales related requests for those companies, their distributors and customers will be denied.

We strongly recommend our partners, clients and distributors to abstain from business contacts with the above mentioned services or from any other pirate resources in order not to violate the law.


2. Infomir warns that there are counterfeit MAG 250 Set-Top Boxes made in China available on the market.

Unlike the pirate-made devices, the original MAG250 Set-Top Boxes are made in Europe using high-quality materials and advanced technologies.

Counterfeit TV Set-Top Boxes are not working properly, have a very high rate of defective products, are incompatible with software upgrade and are not covered by warranty.

Import and distribution of this clone boxes is illegal.

Buy original, do not support pirate companies.



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