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The Mini Fusion programmable remote control: a convenient remote for MAG boxes

If you have a MAG set-top box, you must already know how versatile and convenient it is. However, what if we told you that you could make it even better? With this small and lightweight remote control, you can manage both your IPTV box and TV set at once. Suitable for all STBs manufactured by Infomir, the Mini Fusion remote control is a great purchase for any TV user who has a MAG box.


Comfortable and lightweight

The Mini Fusion remote control is light as a feather and shaped to fit your hand perfectly. Made of high-quality ABS plastic, it weighs less than 75 grams.



Teach your remote control

The Mini Fusion programmable remote control offers learning features. Meaning, you can have it receive and save signals transmitted by other remotes. The Mini Fusion remote control is amazingly convenient if you use a lot of devices that can be controlled from a distance.


Fully compatible with MAG Set-Top boxes

You can use this remote control with all IPTV boxes produced by Infomir. Additionally, the learning capabilities of this product allow you to use it with pretty much any TV that has an IR remote control.


Long-distance remote control

Among the other benefits of this RCU is its excellent operating range. It works perfectly even from 10 meters away, despite only needing two AAA batteries. Speaking of which, the battery will last about 1 year! Given the very high build quality of this product, you are getting a lot for your money by purchasing this remote control. You will be using it for many years!


Easy to use

Included with the remote is a detailed user manual for beginners. You will not have a single problem programming this device!

Mini Fusion has large and convenient buttons. Thanks to the intuitive design, this remote control is suitable for children and seniors alike.




Length/Width/Thickness, (mm) 175×53,3×25,9
Weight, g 72
Case material ABS plastic
Protocol RC5
Operation Voltage DC 2.2V~3.2V
Power consumption ≤35mA
Transmission Medium IR 38 kHz
Standby current 30uA max
Operating current 30 mA max
Distance and angle Min 10m at straight line
Min 3m at degree conical
Key Operating force 180±20 gf
Key Operating life 300,000 presses,
maximum 5N
Return force > 50 grams
Battery lid Opening Life Open and close the battery lid 100 times.
Drop Test Height > 1 m
Number of keys 41 keys
Battery type 2x AAA (not included)
Battery Life
(normal usage):
1 year
Visual LEDs 1xRed LED Indicator
1xGreen LED Indicator
(beneath the Power keys)
Operation temperature 0°C~45°C
Storage temperature -25°C~70°C
Approbation tested CE


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