August 30, 2021 @ 10:47 AM


Pretty much every TV available in stores is smart nowadays. Modern television sets offer a range of integrated online features such as access to video streaming services, built-in web-browsers, electronic games, and much more. Connect it to your home network by cable or Wi-Fi and enjoy all the advantages of a smart TV.

If you have an old television set without smart features, however, do not rush to buy a new one. You can use an Android box instead. Any TV can be turned into a smart TV with an affordable device such as the MAG425A. Even those who already have a smart TV can benefit from an Android box. Let us tell you why you should consider buying one!


Can You Use an Android Box With a Smart TV?

Wondering whether it’s worth getting Android TV? Well, Android TV Boxes offer the biggest selection of apps and services. No smart television can compete with the number of features available on high-quality set-top boxes! Still don’t understand what the difference is between a smart TV and Android TV? Well, there are many.

Firstly, Android TV offers a much larger app collection. Unlike most other operating systems used in smart TVs, it gets updated regularly and supports all possible streaming services. Secondly, it has a smooth and recognizable interface, which is very easy to use. You will not have any problems with it even if you have never used it before! Considering that, it is obvious which TV is better — Android or smart.


Is it Worth Getting an Android TV Box?

Yes, a decent set-top box running Android TV is a great purchase even if you already have a smart TV. It works much faster than most TVs on the market! For instance, MAG425A is equipped with a powerful processor. It offers a significantly smoother interface than any budget TV! In addition, it has plenty of other great features that your TV might be missing.

Still don’t quite understand the benefits of Android TV boxes? Check out their advantages:


Can be used with any TV;


Smoother interface;


Built-in voice search;


Supports most codecs;


Available at a low cost.

Additionally, the best Android TV boxes support Chromecast, which allows you to stream all kinds of content from a smartphone directly to your television screen. It is especially convenient if you like to play videos or games using a portable device!