August 30, 2021 @ 9:50 AM


A soundbar is a great purchase for those who want to upgrade their TV viewing experience. With it, you can vastly improve the audio quality you can get from a television set. The best soundbars with multiple HDMI inputs provide impeccable sound without annoying wires that come with home theater systems.

It does not matter how old your TV is. Soundbars can be used with most models regardless of brand. Additionally, they can act as hubs for different sources if you choose a decent model with the right connections. On this page, you will learn the best way to connect a soundbar to your television set.  



Should I Connect My Soundbar to a TV or Cable Box?

There shouldn’t be any problems connecting a soundbar to a TV. The whole process usually takes about 15 minutes. However, many people wonder what the best way to connect a soundbar to a TV is, so we have listed the possible options below. 



How to Connect a Soundbar Directly to your TV?

As we have mentioned above, connecting a soundbar directly to your television is extremely easy. Depending on your devices, you can use one of the following connection methods:


- optical digital audio cable;


- analog audio cable;


- HDMI cable.


Using an HDMI cable is the most advanced option. It transfers more data than analog or optical counterparts, allowing you to use premium sound formats such as Dolby Atmos or DTS:X. Therefore, we recommend you to use HDMI if both the soundbar and television have HDMI ports. 

After connecting the soundbar to one of the ports on your TV, you will need to change the audio output settings. It is very easy to do no matter what connection method you use. Turn on both the television and soundbar. Then, open the TV settings and switch the audio output to the chosen interface. That is all you need to do!



Can I Connect My Soundbar to My Cable Box?

No, you cannot connect a soundbar to a cable box directly. You must use one of the ports on the television. However, you can continue to benefit from all the features of a decent IPTV box such as MAG425A with a soundbar. Your TV will automatically output the cable box's audio to the soundbar.



How Does a Wireless Soundbar Connect to a TV?

If you hate using cables for everything, you can purchase a wireless soundbar. However, make sure your television set supports Bluetooth first. Then, you will need to establish a connection between the two devices. Usually, you will only need to press a Bluetooth button on the soundbar to put it into the discoverable mode.